Suzy Haslup hands down was terrific, she was on top of everything and communication with her was awesome. Made our experience buying property stress free and it was almost too easy. Would recommend her and will use her in the future for buying or selling.

Robert and Michelle Sims

Suzy goes above and beyond to help with every situation for the seller and the buyer.

Kim Probst

Suzy was amazing!

Carol Marienthal-Skaar

Suzy Haslup demonstrated the knowledge and professionalism that assured me and gave me confidence from start to finish in the sale of our home. Thank you!

James Bond & Heather Stanley

Suzy was the exact realtor that we needed! She was in constant contact with us throughout the process. When we listed our home, she had us under contract with a buyer within 3 days. Suzy and Kathrine helped us tremendously throughout the process and always answered our calls when we had questions. Thanks for everything Suzy and Kathrine! Y’all are truly the best in the business, and we can’t thank you enough for all your work. Suzy Haslup is the way to go for all your home buying/selling needs!

Tiffany and Matthew Gordon

I enjoyed a seamless home buying experience guided by a seasoned, detail oriented agent who goes above and beyond for the home buyer. I will sing her praises and liberally recommend her and her sales associate to all who are searching for their next home in Aiken.

Larkspur Carroll DVM

Suzy and Kathryn were wonderful to work with and made the purchase of our new home in Aiken extremely easy. Cant recommend more highly.

Trae Williams

Very professionally done.

Caroline and Peter Pugh

I could not have asked for a better real estate family. Every aspect of this journey could not have been completed without Suzy Haslup and Kathryn Siders continuing help and guidance.

Jim & Ginny Curran

I have spent the last 39 years as a sales and marketing manager and commercial TV producer for a major communications company. Recently retired now, I wish that I had an opportunity to work with a salesperson in my company who demonstrated the professionalism and absolute attention to every last detail of importance to my customers, as I have experienced during my interaction with Suzy Haslup. Suzy, having her ear to the wall and being aware of many opportunities, told me about a property that hadn’t even hit the market, in the development we wanted to continue to live in, yet offering a few more amenities. As they say, timing is everything and Suzy presented us with the details and we immediately jumped at the chance to buy the property. We now have the farm and house we have always dreamed of thanks to Suzy Haslup. More than that, my wife and I feel that we have developed a real friendship with Suzy as well.

Mike and Kim vonDisterlo/Kimberlee Farm

Was a pleasure to work with. Always available and patient during the process. Thank you.

Alessando Cazzin & Karlene Groshek

Suzy’s long experience in buying and selling Aiken equestrian properties was a hugh asset to my wife, Carlin, in the sale of her twenty acres of horse pasture on River Ridge Road in Aiken. Suzy’s long experience pricing and successfully selling Aiken house properties facilitated a rapid transaction with Carlin realizing a significant appreciation over what she paid for the land which did not have a stable building or other facilities. We are confidential there is no more qualified Aiken land real estate broker than Suzy Haslup.

James Capalino

Suzy was great! The house we wanted was already under contract to another buyer, and she was able to guide us through an appropriate offer to where we became the primary bidder. The price she targeted turned out to be within a few thousand dollars of the bank’s appraisal (on a seven-figure home), so she clearly knows the market. Where she was most helpful was after we had a contract and needed to do our due diligence. For any inspection we wanted, Suzy already knew the best contractor in Aiken to do the work and took it upon herself to schedule them as needed – all we had to do was pay the bill. For out-of-town buyers with incredibly busy work schedules, this was a huge value-added service that I don’t remember getting from any previous realtor on other homes. There were some minor repairs needed to the house and Suzy and Katherine were able to keep those moving without our involvement. She also helped put together a personal-property purchase when we wanted some of the seller’s furniture with the house. Suzy was very responsive by text or email, including nights and weekends. Suzy is also an experienced horse person, and since the property we were buying was in an equine development, she was able to add her perspective there as well, including knowing and recommending people for fencing, barns, etc. When we approached closing, Meybohm/Suzy had an easy list of everyone we needed to contact for changing over utilities, internet, and entertainment. We should also give a shout-out to her assistant Katherine, without whom we might not have gotten serious about looking in Aiken in the first place. The first day we visited, we called Suzy with no notice on a Saturday afternoon to see if we could see a property. She was not available, but Katherine was there within the hour, and while we didn’t end up buying that property, the responsiveness of their team made us feel like we were with the right people to find our dream horse property in Aiken.

Susie & Charles

Suzy and Kathryn were available immediately for my questions, walking properties, and assisting the Closing. I could not recommend them more highly!

Sue Tanner

Everything went very well and smooth working with Suzy.

Philip Fulmer

Suzy Haslup did an extremely good job selling our properties.

Judy Rhoades & Betty Holsenback

Suzy and Michelle were wonderful. They promptly responded to any questions I had and made the buying process easy.

Ann Rogers

We’ve worked with Suzy on multiple properties and appreciate her knowledge of the business and the region, her professionalism and client advocacy. We have and will continue to recommend Suzy to our friends for their real estate needs.

John Paul and Lisa Singer Fitzpatrick

Suzy and her team were fantastic throughout the process of buying land to build on. I won’t hesitate to work with them again when we put our existing house on the market.

Arthur Stickney

All points were well covered, questions answered quickly, and always available via phone.

Dennis West

Suzy and her team explained the process of listing, selling and closing on my house and were beside me each step of the way. I couldn’t have asked for a better-prepared and more knowledgeable agent than Suzy to sell my home in Aiken.

Rhonda Overbey

I have worked with Suzy since I purchased my first property here in Aiken in 2004 and on numerous transactions since. No one works harder for their clients than Suzy and her capable team. In addition, if you are looking for horse property, Suzy knows everything there is to know to find you the perfect place to suit your needs. I highly recommend Suzy, I know you will be as satisfied as I am.

Shelly Temple

Suzy and Kathryn are top notch agents. I would feel comfortable recommending them to anyone looking to buy or sell and will definitely be using them again in the future!

Maria Falgione and Raland Ayers

Suzy and her team are the best in Aiken. She is very professional and keeps you updated with every step. I have used her on the buying and selling side and have full confidence in her to get the best deal!! Suzy Haslup is the real deal!!! Thank you for everything!

Laura & Tom Smith

Would recommend Ms. Haslup to anyone needing a realtor.

Lynne & John Drummings

Suzy Haslup was a breathe of fresh air. It was a pleasure working with her on the sale of the house.

Pam Berg

Suzy and her team were phenomenal throughout the entire buying process—from initial contact through closing, and beyond. She is STILL helping us, long after closing. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Max and Melita Faith

First class service from Suzy and her highly capable team.

William & Alexandra Stodghill

Suzy, Michelle, and Kathryn were an invaluable part of selling our home and helping find our new home. Always available to help us and navigate the process.

Joe & Donna Cook

Suzy and her team were tremendous. We are very fortunate that we found them. They have made the experience extremely easy and their knowledge of the area and with services are available was extremely helpful. We would highly recommend them to anyone looking for real estate services in the area.

Gargano Family Trust

Suzy Haslup and her team, Kathryn & Michelle, are hands down the best in Aiken!

Frankie and Mary Ann Artusa

Suzy and her associates, Kathryn and Michell, were all wonderful in their own respects. They are a great team. We couldn’t have asked for more in any aspect. Ours ended up being a “hard sell,” even in the current market — making their good work and support all the more important and valuable. Thanks to all!

Dave & Lynne Harrison

Wonderful experience!

Dan Raley

We found Suzy, Kathryn and Michele to be very pleasant ,knowledgeable and easy to work with. Great customer service!

Bob & Carol Mocsowitz

Suzy was great– start to finish!

Ann Clemens

The service we received was exceptional. I would recommend Suzy and her team in the future.

Rebecca Porter

We could not be happier!

Andrew & Wayne Ewing

Suzy Haslup and her team went beyond expectations in marketing and selling our home. Throughout the process, it always seemed as though we were her only clients. She consistently responded to our calls immediately and seemed available nearly 24 hours a day. She is a gem and her team, as well.

Ronald & Susan Secrest

Suzy knows the pulse of the real estate market in Aiken. Whether it be an investment property or a horse farm, she can guide you to the perfect property. Kathryn and Michelle will follow up with any questions or details. Highly recommend for newcomers to Aiken.

Tim & Vickie Shaw

Suzy Haslup has encyclopedic knowledge of the Aiken real estate market. Her list of contacts was especially useful when I needed quick inspections or history on a property. Suzy and her team were available all day, seven days a week.

Will Fraser

Suzy is amazing No way this dream of mine would have happened without her. I have never worked with anyone as responsive, helpful and knowledgeable as she is.

Mark and Cheryl Sackler

Suzy Haslup is the consummate professional. From beginning to end, she and her team made selling my home ultra-efficient and stress-free. I would recommend her without any reservations.

Kevin Douglas

Suzy helped us every step of the way and more. Her experience and connections in the community are an invaluable resource to new Aiken homeowners.

Kevin and Mary Curran

Very professional. Always available. Great crew. Thank you!

Gary Simoneau

Suzy assisted us to purchase our property years back and recently sell it years later. She is not just a salesperson, she is the epitome of an understanding, patient human being who takes care of her clients with the kindest care. Same goes for Michele Higgins. That is an amazing team that I highly recommend.

Luz and Jan Van Meek

Suzy has successfully handled several real estate transactions for me over the years in Aiken and I would highly recommend her services to perspective buyers or sellers.

Don O’Oneil

Great job!

Richard and Margery Wentworth

Suzy Haslup is the best there is! As a Residential Builder selling a land & new construction project – she was on point with pricing advice and marketing strategy. Our project was sold in a week. Suzy & her team are available 24/7 answering questions & getting things done. Looking forward to our future projects together!

Artusa Construction, LLC

Suzy is extremely professional and easy to work with. Highly recommended.

Luis Escobar

Suzy’s the best!

Michael Rubin

I have know Suzy Haslup for many years. The professionalism that she brought to this real estate transaction was excellent.

Boxwood Farm, LLC

Excellent service and wonderful results.

Stanley Allen Turner

Great to deal with. Able to handle any issues that arise.


Suzy is a true testament of what a good realtor is. She came to the table prepared with her team and they got the job done with all i’s dotted and t’s crossed. I couldn’t have gotten through the difficulty of selling my home without her and her assistants, Kathryn and Michelle.

Corrine Clover

Suzy went above & beyond the call of duty!!! She helped with property lines & contractors, for each specific job that needed to be done before the sale of the house!!! Suzy answered all of our questions & concerns in a prompt & professional manner. But she went beyond that & showed real compassion & caring about the end result of our sale. Because we would be living next door to the people who bought our house. Which is more tricky than a usual sale! Our buyer & his friends celebrated the sale with many bottles of champagne. Needless to say… WE love our new neighbors & our agent Suzy!

John Haddon

Suzy was absolutely amazing – she was patient, thorough, professional, efficient and a pure joy to work with on our new home. I would recommend her to anyone/ everyone. Thank you Suzy and to your team! Absolutely awesome.

Brennen Parker

This is our 4th real estate transaction with Suzy, she knows Aiken like no one else, from homes in the downtown area to small and large horse farms. Her assistants are very professional too!

Timothy & Vickie Shaw

This agent is knowledgeable about the Real estate market in Aiken and provide constant communication keeping me update. I value her commitment meeting my needs in order to sell my home immediately. Truly a special agent and friend.

David Adcock & Pat Charlotte

Suzy made the whole process efficient and easy for someone who has no experience in selling. The best. Thank you.

Emma Ford

Suzy and her team worked with me diligently for 6 months finding me the ‘right’ home and following through the purchase process. I am a new comer to South Carolina and needed and appreciated her guidance on the nuances of real estate deals in the state. She has been working with me for 3 years actually since I began my search while I worked to the sell my property in Virginia. She was patient and proactive. My needs changed over that 3 year period and she modified her searches for me and found several homes that would have worked. When this property, which was on the market in September, but off market before we could make an offer, came back on again mid October, her team was on it and we got it!! And I will be in by Christmas! She made my 2020 a positive year to remember! I would recommend Suzy and her team again every time.

Mary Potter

Suzy and her team are wonderful to work with. Being out of state, we relied heavily on and benefited from their knowledge of the town. We are very happy with our house and would not have found it without Suzy!

Michael & Megan Berge

I have worked with Suzy on several properties and there has never in my life been any real estate agent who is as dedicated qualified and determined as she. Above and beyond any and all expectations.

Chase Enterprises, LLC

She’s the best!

Louise Mellon

Suzy and her team (Kathryn and Michelle) are amazing! I highly recommend them!

Christie Feoli and Bonnie Tyanski

Suzy Haslup is the ultimate professional. She is the only realtor we will use in Aiken. This is our second property we have bought through her & are working on a third. She is knowledgeable, always there to answer any questions & always gets the job done. Thank you Suzy! We look forward to a long professional relationship.

Artusa Construction, LLC

Suzy is great for buying a farm and understands horse needs.

Joshua Dunaway and Anna Pesta

Communication with Suzy and her associates was always timely and complete. Overall it was a very satisfying experience.

John and Judith Sauer

Suzy Haslup and Michele Higgins were fantastic! My wife and I had been looking for a piece of property to build on for a year. Suzy listed the property and we called Suzy the next day. From that point on it was stellar customer service, advice, and referrals. This was my first time buying a large piece of land and Suzy and Michele made the process seamless. The communication I received was timely and on task. From start to finish there were no surprises. I highly recommend Suzy and her team!

Dexter Alston

I would recommend Suzy Haslup highly and without reservation to anyone looking for real estate in Aiken or surrounding areas.

Dr. Susan Owens

Suzy Haslup lined up a home run deal that made us really happy. She knows Aiken inside and out and could not be more pleasant and straightforward to work with.

Thaddeus Gray

Suzy’s expertise and responsiveness are to be commended. She made me feel like family.

Wendy Walker and Albert Guglielmini

Suzy is amazing and I am so glad I found her! Suzy has so much knowledge about so many different things, and she knows Aiken and has contacts for everything you can imagine that is invaluable during a real estate transaction. She went above-and-beyond and I am now a loyal follower and will look to Suzy for anything I may do in the future, as well as recommending her to others. Thank you, Suzy!

Tolly Dewey – Aiken, SC

I really appreciate Suzy and Michele’s attentiveness in this sales process. I would gladly call them again. Thank you both so much!

Robert & Reba Busbee

Suzy and Michelle were wonderful to work with. They were prompt and helpful. Offered lots of support during the stressful time of buying and selling.

Sabrina Cline

Where do we start. We have known Suzy for many years. She managed many real estate transactions in our area. She previously sold our rental house in record time and now it was time to sell our farm. I tried to sell our farm myself and it was tough going. What I appreciated about Suzy was that she didn’t blink an eye. She gave us great advice and we tried to handle it on our own. Comps were very tough but she checked them every day for us and when we handed the reins over to Suzy she just ran with it. Who else would list a farm on Friday the 13th at the start of the pandemic? She had other uphill battles as our front neighbors clear cut their land. Tough times. But we listed and everything went smoothly. Michele, her assistant, was always on the ball! We had offers and found the right party. We got thru the whole process. There were bumps along the way and Suzy got someone out there to take care of it. Contractors showed up on weekends. Who does that? She knows everybody! Would we recommend Suzy Haslup? Absolutely. You need experience to get to the finish line!

Kathie Roberts and Chuck Wright

Suzy and Michelle were excellent to work with and were great about staying in close communication.

Janet Otlewski

Suzy is a consummate professional, this is the 2nd farm we purchased with her assistance and would highly recommend her for anyone looking to relocate to Aiken.

Tim & Vickie Shaw – Aiken, SC

Suzy Haslup is stellar in her ethics, patience, resourcefulness and professionalism. She is honest, hard working and straightforward. She is the best!

Louise Mellon – Aiken, SC

Thank you – it is a pleasure working with Suzy and her team. Very helpful, friendly and quick response time.

Gina Serkasevich

Suzy was very professional and gave excellent advice. Michelle also was superb. Couldn’t ask for a better team!

Kenny Taylor

Suzy Haslup was outstanding in every respect. I was extremely impressed with everything she did!

Steve Penrod

Excellent service!

Louise Mellon

Suzy was a pleasure to work with.

Jason Krisle
Aiken, SC

Suzy Haslup without a doubt was the best realtor I have ever worked with. She made the whole process seamless and kept us in the loop for everything including many things we never would of thought of. She knows the people, the area and is as thorough as could be. Considering we were living in the Chicago area and looking to buy in Aiken it could not have been more stress free because of Suzy. She’s the Best!

Bill Richert & Shannon Burke

Our experience with Suzy Haslup was outstanding in every respect. She is a credit to Meybohm and to her profession.

Bob Lackey
Sharon, PA

Suzy is a delight to work with. She is very professional, knowledgeable, and efficient. I would, and have recommended her.

Brett Cain

Suzy Haslup does a great job on all of her properties. She wont take a property if she doesn’t think she can sell it. She rolls out a great team of folks for advertising. She has fliers up all over town in record time and she uses a variety of ways to put her ads together- professional photographer, drones, fliers, internet. Everything is taken care of and she has a busy assistant, Michele, who has her back so nothing falls thru the cracks.

Kathie Roberts & Chuck Wright

Suzy did an excellent job for us. We’ve sold many homes over the years, she had by far the best marketing plan and communication skills from day one. Suzy is very straightforward and I truly appreciate that. We sold our home for our asking price and had an easy close. What more can you ask for! I highly recommend Suzy Haslup and team!

Christine Andres
Aiken, SC

If only all transactions went so well. Suzy and Michelle handled everything!

I really wanted to find a real go getter and my friend suggested Suzy. From the first moment Suzy was extremely professional and responsive. Never has a real estate deal been so simple for me, making me able to move and start my new job with ease. I cant say enough about how great Suzy was to work with, and I would definitely recommend her anyone.

Debbie Salem

Suzy was extremely knowledgeable and easy to deal with. She was prompt with her correspondence and resolved any and all concerns quickly.

Michelle Brochu
Aiken, SC

I have worked with Suzy before and she is extremely knowledgeable, hardworking and personable. She is a pleasure to work with and always puts my needs first. Suzy’s commitment to her clients exceeds any other realtor I have worked with and I would highly recommend her.

Joyce Vettorino

Unbelievable knowledge of area. Great communicator. Professional and most importantly a very nice person. Michelle Higgins was awesome.

Tom and Laura Smith

We will urge our friends to contact Suzy Haslup when they’re ready to move to Aiken. We consider her a stellar ambassador for Aiken.

Connie and Bob Nesteruk
Previously of Bucks County, PA

We needed to act quickly in this instance and Suzy Haslup was able to navigate a complicated day of multiple offers with great success. She followed up on every detail and was always positive throughout. She made sure we dotted every ” i” and crossed every “t”. She made the purchase of 342 Marion both smooth and efficient. In addition to all of that, she made it FUN!

Monica Driver
Greenwich, NY

Suzy made a difficult emotional and financial situation seamless. She is efficient, and works tirelessly. She goes far past what is expected in a realtor. She sold my house while I was in another state. I did not have to worry about anything-she took care of it, and of me. She is the best!

Stephanie Saunders

We knew her and were impressed by Suzy from a prior difficult property sale. Suzy rocks! Always in communication with us and was on top of everything! In fact, I’m not sure she ever sleeps…She knows the right people to get everything accomplished properly and expeditiously. Honest, energetic and personable, she is a joy to work with. She is a go-to person !

Jack and Carol McElwee
Aiken, SC

Suzy went the extra mile to help me with all aspects of the purchase, important since I am from out of town.Her knowledge of the local area was very helpful.

Her assistant Michelle was just as helpful as Suzy!

Suzy was always available to answer my questions and anticipated my needs as we went through thepurchasing and closing. Her knowledge of the local area helped me find the best choice for my long termneeds. Couldn’t have asked for an easier experience in purchasing and closing. Great representatives ofboth Meybohm and Aiken!!

V. McCartney

Fantastic real estate professional! Would recommend Suzy Haslup to everyone!

Bob Storey
Aiken, SC

Suzy was very knowledgeable and understanding. The sale of this property was tough and she made it very successful!

Yvonne Gray
Hot Springs, NC

Suzy is very experienced and works hard to make things happen for her client, from finding what you need to negotiating and solving any problems leading up to settlement. I have bought and sold a lot of homes, so I truly understand and appreciate Suzy’s expertise.

Madeleine Burgoyne
Aiken, SC

This is the third property Suzy Haslup has helped me aquire around Aiken. I’ve never worked with a more dedicated and professional agent. She never lets any of my concerns sit idle. She has always gone out of her way to make sure everything was researched and clear. I can’t imagine using anyone other than Suzy for all my real estate needs.

Ridge Spring, SC

Suzy really knows the housing market here and pays attention to detail. This is the second house i have bought from her. She knew what i was looking for in a horse property and found it for me.

Judith Bovitz

I called Suzy first. She was recommended by a close friend who also had a great experience with her. And the recommendation was right on. Suzy worked with me every step of the way from evaluation and pricing, to marketing and through to the end of the sale. She is a real professional ready to get the job done! And that she did!

Even with a few ‘glitches’ Suzy let me know about all of them and she had the foresight to get things done.

Susan Elmore
Winfield, PA

We can see why so many friends from the Aiken area have recommended Suzy. She did a better job advertising the property; as well as sending us a report on the progress and interest in the listing. I truly appreciate her efforts to be there at the closing. Her associate was also very kind to fill in for Suzy till she could make it.

We too shall recommend Suzy to friends for help with any listings they may have.

Thank you.

Theresa Blewett
Wagener, SC

Suzy Haslup is such a professional and very easy to deal with.

August Vettorino

Suzy Haslup has a lock on our Montmorenci horse farm neighborhood. She has done extensive research and doesn’t list a property she can’t sell. Many realtors will take any listing but she takes the ones that will sell and markets aggressively.

The day we listed with her she changed a flyer that was just created and ready for distribution and I saw our horse property on a large color flyer a few days later at local tack shops. She had a beautiful online drone ad that showcased the acreage also. This was not a big sale for her so we appreciated the effort and expense that she took on to sell the property.

She quickly responded to all requests and we frequently texted. We had info immediately and feedback regarding the property. There were never concerns that she was too busy with others. We got immediate callbacks each time.

She gets it done.

Kathie Roberts
Aiken, SC

Suzy was wonderful to work with. My family and I are from out of state. I thought this would be a difficult process to close on a house when living so far way. Suzy made this move very easy and was always there to answer my questions.

Lucie Zilla
Aiken, SC

One of the best!

Sheldon Sagoskin

I believe Suzy Haslup did the absolute best job that anyone could do. The deal went very smoothly and all was above my expectations.

Sally Rosen
Aiken, SC

I would recommend Suzy Haslup to anyone looking to buy a home in the Aiken area.

Mary Hayes
Richmond, VA

Suzy was very responsive with all of our questions and very helpful.

Vickie Shaw
Gaithersburg, MD

Suzy has a wealth of experience in farm sales and is totally aware of current local market trends. She has the ability to get a feel for your property and your level of motivation to sell. Ours was a bit of a unique property and she quickly identified the ultimate buyer as someone who would appreciate the property’sunique location and situation.

She shepherded us through the whole process, which came at a tumultuous and unexpected time in our life, with a great measure of empathy and patience. We would recommend her to anyone based on her work ethic and attention to customer care.

Margaret Schurtz
Aiken, SC

I consider Suzy Haslup a friend as well as a Real Estate Agent. I will stay in contact with Suzy to follow up on how the buyers are progressing with the building of there home. Thank you Suzy and Meybohm Realtors.

Don P. Pistorio
Columbia, MD

Suzy is the best!

Cheryl Cranmer

In searching for our new home, primarily online from New York, I had researched local realtors and felt Suzy would be a great fit for us. Before I got a chance to contact her, I was on Trulia and put in a request for more information on a property. Suzy was the first and only agent to respond to my request by the next morning. I knew then that she was the realtor we wanted to work with in finding our new home. She is available to her clients 7 days a week. No time is too early or late to have some type of contact with her. She is knowledgeable, professional and in our opinion the best at what she does. We found our dream home and moved 850 miles south from NY to SC. Suzy was there for us throughout every step and helped to make everything about our move go smoothly. I would recommend Suzy and Meybohm Realtors to anyone whowould like to move to this area. Thank you Suzy for helping us make our dream come true for this nextphase of our life!

Frank & Maryann, Aiken, SC

This is the third time I have used Suzy as my agent to purchase property. She is my “go to” realtor as I have enjoyed working with her in the past and have been very pleased with her service.

Shelly Temple

My husband & I were referred by a friend several years ago. Even though we were not ready to purchase at that time, I kept Suzy Haslup in mind for the time we would be ready.

I called Suzy years later to help us in getting to know the area a bit better & purchase land or property. Suzy is very knowledgeable about Aiken & is very professional in her work which was appreciated.

We would definitely consider using Suzy again if needed in the future.

Janine Higgs, Aiken, SC

We have known Suzy for a number of years, and have witnessed her work on other transactions. I have bought and sold many houses in my 64 years, and she is the most competent, hardest working agent I have ever had. She kept us constantly informed of progress or problems and was always available. We found her counsel to be intelligent and market-savvy, and her contacts throughout the industry resulted in any neededrepairs to be completed promptly and professionally. Not to mention she’s a really nice person too.

Although we only dealt with support personnel occasionally, her assistant and the office staff were always helpful and professional.

I am certain that, without her help and perseverance, our house would STILL be on the market….and I would be in a straight jacket 🙂

Suzy not only represented herself well, she was a terrific ambassador for Meybohm Realty as an organization. Anyone who chooses her to represent them, either for purchasing or sales, will not be disappointed.

Jack & Carol McElwee, Aiken, SC

Keeps in contact with clients and uses extensive advertising.

Sheldon Sagoskin, Winter Park, FL.

Suzy went well above and beyond for us in every way imaginable. OUTSTANDING!

Will ONLY use Suzy for any future dealings. She was there for us whenever we needed her, and was aferocious negotiator on our behalf. Highly recommend to anyone.

Chris Bush

Suzy is informative about how real estate and sales work in South Carolina, since I was an out of state client. She kept me informed of any changes and needs to make my property more saleable and she knows about horse properties, which is why I chose her for my agent. Suzy is friendly and knowledgeable and I would highly recommend her to anyone, but especially those looking for horse properties.

Tammy Malsom, Tennessee

Extremely knowledgeable and hard worker. She was super efficient and acted on every question and document and extremely timely manner. Very pleasant to work with. I would highly recommend her to my friends.

Very professional and extremely efficient.

I love my new home and can’t wait to get settled in and get involved with all of the activities the Aiken community has to offer. Well done Suzy, Kathryn & all the Meybohm staff.

Cindy Spiak-Selian, North Salem N.Y.

Suzy is a true professional who is capable of conveying the feel of Aiken and the surrounding community – I had a true sense that Suzie is interested in expanding the Aiken community to include folks from other parts of the country and helping to make them feel welcome.

Suzie also listens to what her clients are saying and works hard to find the right property for the client.

I would recommend Suzie to anyone without hesitation.

Carolyn McLaughlin-Smith, Beech Island, SC

Suzy was always available and helpful when we had questions, yet was not pushy as she understood that we were just beginning our future plans.

Eileen Prussman, Oley, PA

Suzy is a true professional who is capable of conveying the feel of Aiken and the surrounding community – I had a true sense that Suzie is interested in expanding the Aiken community to include folks from other parts of the country and helping to make them feel welcome.

Suzie also listens to what her clients are saying and works hard to find the right property for the client.

I would recommend Suzie to anyone without hesitation.

Carolyn McLaughlin-Smith, Beech Island, SC

Suzy Haslup was extremely knowledgeable about her market area. She was great at listening to me,and fulfilling my needs. She was also very kind and helpful. I would recommend Suzy to my family and friends for all their real estate needs.

Mary Anne Ridgely, Mt. Airy, MD

Rodney and I began to take notice of various agents’ track records and had planned to meet with a couple of agents to determine who we would put our trust and faith in for the sale of our property. Once we met Suzy Haslup we realized why her track record was so outstanding. We felt very comfortable in placing our listing with Suzy Haslup and Meybohm.

Suzy always kept us abreast of showings, gave us feedback and kept us informed. Suzy is very knowledgeable of the horse industry, which we believed helped with the sale of our proper. We would definitely recommend Suzy Haslup to our family and friends.

Helen and Rodney Still

Suzy did a great job for us.

Blair Bartlett

My wife Beth and I were completely impressed with Suzy Haslup in every way. She was professional, knowledgeable, very hard working, and seemingly tireless. She was easily accessible and never seemed to be too busy for us, though I’m sure at times she was. She helped with details that we never expected her help with. As a matter of fact she continues to help us with certain matters, even though the deal has been made and she has collected her fee. We can’t speak highly enough of her.

Ray Wheeler, Aiken, SC

Both Suzy and Kathryn were easy to work with and answered my questions promptly. I felt like I made new friends and found both trustworthy professionals. With Suzy and Kathryn helped to speed up my home purchase / closing so that I could get moved from out of state in time to begin my new job!

Pat Leland, Ward, SC

She is top notch. She understood what I needed and pointed me immediately in the right direction.

Suzy was highly recommended by several people.

Cindy Ziegra, NJ

Suzy Haslup and Katherine Murphy worked like a well oiled machine to introduce us to the Aiken Horse community and find us our dream farm. Our entire experience from start to finish, which involved a cross country move, was completely stress free. If you are looking to purchase horse property in the Aiken area, Suzy and Katherine can’t be beat!

Jen Sprankle – Beech Island, South Carolina, (formerly of Oakland, California)

Suzy did a great job for us………thanks…….

Dana G. Pope

From my first email exchange with Suzy Haslup, I knew I was in good hands. Within hours of meeting her in Aiken, I was assured I had found, not only the right realtor in the right place, but also a friend. Suzy and her assistant Kathryn were understanding and patient during the months that we visited one home after another, making sure that the needs of my two and four legged family members were met. Once we found the right house, Suzy guided me through the process in a timely and professional manner, and kept me well informed every step of the way. Not only would I recommend Suzy Haslup to others, but I already have done so. I appreciate her honesty and integrity, her attention to detail, and her knowledge of the needs of my horses as well.

Carolyn – Northeastern PA

Reading through her Website made us think that Suzy was the person for us. Her background and experience in real estate and the equine world, her involvement in horses, her obvious knowledge of Aiken (she provided many good links to Aiken events/services/etc.), and her testimonials all contributed to our opinion that Suzy would be great for us. Oh boy, were we right. Suzy is great!!

She is the best. We are spoiled now, and wouldn’t dream of working with any other realtor in the area!

We very much admire Suzy and her skills and expertise in real estate. During our negotiation/purchase process, Suzy kept us informed every step of the way, and directed us to excellent professionals who helped us immensely. We think Suzy is awesome!

Martha & Joanne Fox

Suzy had the knowledge of the type of property we had to offer and could find the buyer/s most likely to be interested.

Suzy worked hard at keeping everything current on the offers and responses, as well as the needed inspections and needed repairs before closing.

Suzy did a much better job than previous agent/s in that she kept our expectations real and offered an alternative consultant on possible auction which gave us a much larger perception of the current sales possibilities.

I appreciated the way she was using her resources and her new assistant to advantage.

Win Magerkurth – Aiken, SC

She priced our home well for the area and the market so we could sell and move on. Excellent advertising and always kept us in the loop with other realtors and buyers.

Joanne Goble Thurmont MD

Purchasing a home can be stressful. Purchasing a home far away is only more stressful. Suzy made the entire process feel smooth. Her professionalism paved the way for an enjoyable experience. I’d turn to Suzy again for my next purchase.

Ken Quigley – Northport, NY

We appreciate all you did to help sell the house quickly and without much ado. Your advice was great and appropriately addressed the different matters that came up. I’m sure our house was on the low end of many of your listings, but you gave us the attention we needed in order to get the job done. Not every realtor would do that.

Peggy Grant

I have used Suzy Haslup for two real estate purchases in Windsor. I have been very satisfied with her service and recommend Suzy to my friends and customers.

Shelly Temple – Windsor, SC

We had an excellent experience in using Suzy Haslup as our broker to acquire a property in the historic district. She worked hard to fully understand our needs, interests and desires, as well as our willingness to provide tender loving care to the property that we ultimately purchased. We would recommend Suzy to anyone seeking to buy or sell equestrian property in the Aiken area. She works hard to get it right.

Donald and Sandra Nicolaisen

Sarah and I purchased our first home in Aiken (a cottage with an adjacent shed row barn) from Suzy. Later with her assistance we purchased another larger barn and another home – both in the historic horse district. In all three situations Suzy was an absolute pleasure to work with. She is extremely knowledgeable, discreet and has excellent business sense. She was always available and addressed any issues that arose immediately. We have recommended Suzy to our friends whenever an interest is expressed in Aiken real estate and will continue to do so.

Jim Wildasin

Immediately, from the onset of our purchase process, Suzy Haslup was understanding of our needs, and an expert in knowing how to make the process be successful for us. She was always there for my husband and myself, no matter what time of day/night, so knowledgeable about every detail. We both would highly recommend her to family and friends. Suzy and Betty, just continue to be such a supportive, effective team to your clients!

Carolyn and David Rees-Potter, ‘Winter Colony’ District, Aiken, SC.

It would be difficult to improve on my satisfaction rate with Meybohm Realtors. Ms. Suzy Haslup and Ms. Betty Alexander really made me feel as though this was a team purchase. They seemed as invested as we were in the purchase this property, looking ahead to smooth out obstacles and handling small issues as they arose, going quite above and beyond the ‘call of duty’ even after the property had closed when most Realtors would have walked away, even though we are out-of-state purchasers. Their combined and personal knowledge of all things equestrian was encyclopedic even though we train and compete in a somewhat esoteric discipline. It was a pleasure working with both of these Realtor professionals. I would most genuinely and enthusiastically recommend this team of Meybohm Realtors to anyone considering property in the area.

Deborah and Robert Dickerson, Western North Carolina

My wife and I have purchased and sold over 30 houses in our lifetime and Suzy is far and away the most professional and efficient broker we have ever used. We are extremely impressed by her and her staff.

George and Mary-Anne Smith, Fayetteville, AR

I contacted Suzy Haslup after having seen the ad for our house in the Aiken Horse. I told her I’d be there in 3 days to see it. From start to finish, Suzy handled the showing of our property (plus a few others), the negotiating process, and the eventual closing with poise, efficiency and wonderful clarity . The whole time she was very friendly and accommodating. Her knowledge of Aiken is unsurpassed. I loved working with her and consider her a cherished new friend!

Elizabeth Patrick, New Bridge Polo

Suzy Haslup is a great agent! She immediately understood my needs. She could not have been more dedicated throughout the entire experience. She is extremely knowledgeable, professional and hardworking. I enthusiastically give her a 5 star rating!

Julie Worley, Williston, SC

A quick story….Earlier this year I asked my wife to marry me. As we were planning our future, we decided that we needed a larger home to house our new family. I had a house, but it did not fit the bill, so we contacted Suzy to put it on the market. Low and behold, it sold in less than a week. We were both shocked and happy at the same time, taking into consideration the housing market. At that point Suzy found us our dream home. It has everything we ever wanted and then some. The timing worked out perfectly, as we closed on this new home the day after we came back from our honeymoon. We couldn’t have been more pleased. Suzy is a highly knowledgeable, and enjoys her work. I would recommend her to anyone looking for real estate.

Scott E. Bauersfeld BS, DC
Advanced Chiropractic and Wellness Center, LLC

Thanks so much to you and Betty Alexander for your time and expertise. My sister & I knew only a little about the neighborhoods in and near Aiken. Both of you really knew and pointed us to properties we might be interested in. When we saw the last one, it was an immediate yes.

Carmen & Jennifer Armstrong, Freeport, NY (Soon to be Aiken, SC)

I purchased my original home with Suzy in 2006. Since moving to Aiken I have met many other agents. Some are personal friends. Suzy’s workman like professional attitude is a big reason I would not use any other agent. Regardless of affiliation, I will continue to use Suzy Haslup and recommend her to my out of town friends.

Terri Morris, Aiken SC

Working with Suzy Haslup was a pleasure due to her professional manner and knowledge of the local market. She sold my farm in Three Runs Plantation quickly at a fair market price, exceeding my expectations.

Julia Thompson

Thanks so much for all your help, and Betty’s too. It cracks me up that we settled on the very first property you showed us months ago It only took us three trips and lots of property viewing and soul searching to realize what you knew from the get go: Three Runs is the perfect place for us and our horses. We can’t wait!

Kathy & Steve Viele
Easton, Kansas

I have several friends I’ve known through combined driving and other equine pursuits who settled in the Aiken County area, and about four years ago one of them handed me a description of some property in Windsor, SC that adjoined their property. Mind you, we were in Maryland at the time and had never been to Aiken! These friends had worked with Suzy, who was representing this property as well. After talking to Suzy on the phone, who was so knowledgeable, honest and fair from the onset, I actually bought that property site unseen! The dwelling required some major renovations, and Suzy knew just the right contractor and contacts to help me. She kept in touch with me and advised me when additional property next to my new purchase became available. All in all, she guided me effortlessly through three separate property deals, each one handled effortlessly, professionally and fairly, with me out of state for each one. She understood my needs and desires for my future, my farm and horses. We now have a great 30 acre farm in Windsor, the heart of driving in Aiken County. We hope that this will some day be our permanent home. Every person she put me in contact with, from contractors to bankers to lawyers, had such great respect for her that I felt I was afforded excellent treatment based on being her client. I consider her a professional of the highest order, a fellow horsewoman and a friend.

Vicki Long
Fox View Farm

My husband Ernst and I met Suzy Haslup in 2006; our Farrier in Virginia, who knows Suzy from the time she was training horses there, recommended we contact her, when we decided to have a look at Aiken as a place to retire. Suzy provided us with a lot of great information on the Internet, before we drove down for our first visit. She found houses for us to rent on our visits, so we were able to travel with our dogs.
Suzy is very professional, very well organized and knowledgeable about Aiken properties, she is compassionate and helpful.

We bought a beautiful piece of property in Fox Hollow, thanks to Suzy, but when we decided not to build and rather live in town, she helped us again to find the house we live in now.

Suzy has become a dear and cherished friend, providing us with all the help a newcomer needs in a new town and surrounding. We highly recommend Suzy Haslup, when it comes to real estate dealings in and around Aiken.

Ernst and Ulla Ringle

It’s hard to imagine that almost 10 years ago my wife Jean Marie and I visited Aiken for the first time. Being an equine veterinarian I had heard the “good old days” stories about training thoroughbreds in Aiken during the winters from my dear friend Virgil “Buddy” Raines. I had told him for several years previous to our visit that we would “stop by on our way” to Florida. As we all know Aiken is not really “on the way” to anyplace. It is, however, the perfect destination for horse people. Of course, we brought a couple of horses to Johanna Glass’s Sporting Days Horse Trials and stayed at Annie’s Inn for the week.

Over the next decade we made five or six trips and competed at Jumping Branch Horse Trials and Sporting Days. We trained at several eventing farms and rode the trails of the Hitchcock Woods. We found the perfect match… a great horse area and wonderful horse people. In 2004 we trained and boarded our horses at Gretchen and Bob White’s Farm (The Old H and D stables) on Orangeburg Street in Aiken. That is the winter headquarters of International Level Eventer Heidi White-Carty. Along the way, Heidi introduced us to Suzy Haslup. Our interest in purchasing property had been building over the previous years and Suzy was the perfect person to show us the many types of horse properties.

Suzy showed us the whole range of properties from the horse community developments to the individual parcels. After getting to know us, Suzy was able to focus on the ideal parcel for us. Our property fit our horse lifestyle perfectly. We now have 15 acres, a small barn with an attached apartment and two nice paddocks. The location for the house has been selected and will be built as soon as my practice life will allow a little more South Carolina time.

Recently, with Suzy’s help we purchased another parcel of land in partnership with a longtime friend and horse trainer.

The Aiken horse community is growing and most definitely Suzy Haslup has had a very positive impact on its progress. Her personal touch and expertise have helped several of our Mid-Atlantic friends find their Aiken properties.

Keith and Jean Marie Evringham
Most Times Farm

My husband Don and I decided to make a drastic lifestyle change after living, working, and raising our families in Los Angeles our entire lives. We wanted a place where we could take our horses and enjoy them daily as well as, take in some lay-ups and retirees.

Around the end of April 2005 I typed in horse property on a search engine and out popped Aiken. It looked like everything we wanted but we didn’t know a soul. I scoured every Aiken link imaginable and ended up at looking at a picture of Suzy. I could tell she rode, she had that look, and sent her a friendly email introducing ourselves. Soon we made telephone contact and we planned a 4 day trip in June. We came, we saw, we bought!

Suzy had a perfect feel for what we wanted and on our last night in Aiken we celebrated a contract on a 7 acre horse farm! We left California on August 1st and never looked back.

Suzy, so well connected in Aiken, handled every detail for us so that when we arrived we signed the closing papers and moved right in. Aiken has been everything and more than we imagined and our many thanks goes to Suzy Haslup for being the everything realtor!

Pamela and Don ONeil
Two Magnolia Farms

As soon as we met Suzy we knew she was our kind of realtor–smart, knowledgeable, fair-minded and fellow horse person! She even arranged for a trail ride and carriage drive for us in Hitchcock Woods on our first visit! She showed us some great properties and we ended up buying a 104-acre farm that we named Windsor Trace.

Suzy went above and beyond to help us develop it into a great equestrian community. Our business relationship quickly turned into a good friendship. We are really excited about planning our future home in Aiken thanks to her efforts. Suzy represents the best the that a real estate professional can be and we wholeheartedly recommend her!

Gene and Monica Mock
Waterford, VA

Suzy guided me through the steps in finding and buying my first home.  The ease of the process allowed me to continue to concentrate on my riding, training and Three Day Eventing.  Suzy managed to find me the perfect home here in Aiken.

Heidi White
Top International 3-Day Eventer

My wife Meghan and I worked with Suzy Haslup to find a new home in Aiken. She first helped us find a pet friendly rental to live in until our home in Florida was sold. When we were finally ready to buy, we weren’t sure of exactly where we wanted to live and what type of home we wanted.  Suzy was so knowledgeable of the area that we were able to make an intelligent decision in which neighborhoods were best for our lifestyle.  We couldn’t be happier with the home we ultimately bought and we were so thankful to have Suzy helping us.

Gary Willoughby
Executive Director
Aiken SPCA
(803)648-6863 phone
(803)648-6835 fax