How to Prepare Your Home to Sell

How to Prepare Your Home to Sell

Getting ready to list your home for sale? You’ll want to do a few things first to make sure that it’s extra appealing to buyers.

There are never any guarantees about how fast your home will sell—or for how much money. There are, however, various steps that you can take to increase your chances of everything going smoothly, quickly, and profitably.

A good real estate agent will guide you in the things that you should be doing to get your home prepped to sell. But the sooner you start the better, and you can speed up the whole process by getting the ball rolling on your own. Here are some of the best things you can do to prepare a home to sell, including impactful improvements that don’t cost any more than your time.

What Should You Do to Your House Before Selling?

Some homes will need more work than others before they’re ready to hit the market. Yet there are some basics that all homeowners should be focused on as they prep for a sale. These are some of the big ones.

Declutter and De-Personalize

You want buyers to be able to see themselves living in the space—and that can be hard to do if they’re surrounded by your stuff. You don’t need to completely empty the house out, but you should go room by room and remove any clutter, as well as any personal items like family photographs or piles of mail.

For everyday items you know you’ll need easy access to while your house is for sale, keep a box handy that you can quickly store things in ahead of a showing. That way, you can tuck items out of sight without having to put them completely away in storage.

Consider Curb Appeal

Your home’s exterior is the first thing buyers will see, so it needs to look its best. Roll up your sleeves and get to work on landscaping basics like mowing the lawn, pulling out weeds, and trimming any scraggly trees or bushes. This is also a good time to clean your siding and the outside of your windows, as well as less-obvious features like your front door, garage door, and welcome mat.

Do a Deep Clean Inside

A sparkling clean home is more appealing to buyers. It also tells them that you have valued the property and taken good care of it. Clean every room and all major features, including walls, floors, appliances, and fixtures. While you’re at it, tackle some of the less-obvious things that you might not notice on a day-to-day basis but that potential buyers definitely will, such as scuff marks on the walls and chipped paint.

Make Small Repairs

Constantly running toilet? Kitchen cabinet hanging off its hinges? Small issues like this can be a major turn-off to buyers, so take the time to fix them before you list. As for bigger repair needs, work with your real estate agent to decide if it’s worth it to deal with those now or if you’d be better off waiting until post-offer negotiations.

A final tip for an efficient home sale: try to sell in the spring if you can, since that’s when the market is at its peak. You should also stay up to date with market news and updates so that you never miss an opportunity to optimize your listing or approach.